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With our experience in live streaming sports games and studio based content we’re able to broadcast your content live or on demand to an unlimited number of people across the globe. From creating long term technical solutions within sport stadiums to taking a stream on the road and ‘rolling out’ a deployable system at moving locations. With the demand for streamed content of broadcast quality increasing, the knowledge and experience in making it happen is invaluable. 

Our team come from a Television background so using the exact same production methods as broadcast TV we can deliver everything from a one camera presentation, up to 12 cameras and accompanying graphics, title sequences, VT inserts and much more.

If broadcasting through popular social networks such as facebook live or YouTube isn’t suitable for your event then don’t worry, we can provide your very own branded broadcast site complete with PPV (Pay per view) or account access log in, once accessed users will be able to tune into your content via the video player. And for multiple event coverage such as a sporting season, why not create your own OTT service, a video on demand site, allowing your audience to come back and enjoy content at a time to suit them.

Want to keep everyone updated via social media? no problem, our content is realtime ‘clipable’ meaning we’re able to have the highlights on your social media channels, moments after they’ve happened.

However big or small your audience teamSHM have you covered.

Trent Bridge Live
Turning a COVID response into a long term offering

A sporting season behind closed doors required a speedy response to broadcasting a seasons worth of cricket games live and in 360 coverage from the historic Trent Bridge. 21 days from sign off to our first live game and teamSHM installed a part permanent and part  transportable fibre optic rig allowing a game to be vision mixed from a total of 8 different cameras situated around the large test ground. The deployable offering enabled a ‘pick up – drop down’ broadcast at out grounds or other out of ground locations. 

Bounce forward to 2021 and the desire to produce broadcast worthy ‘shows’ continued to grow inline with the audience desire to watch and engage with all formats of the game. 

With a  desire from Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club to provide a stream to its fanbase that replicated the expectations of watching a fully televised game live camera feeds were mixed with pre-produced VT’s, title sequences, adverts from main sponsors and game play graphics to create a seamless fan experience.   With the return of fans to the stadium in 2021, the exploration of how stream experience can enhance in bowl experience has begun and will be further explored in 2022.

85,000+ individual users watched every stream on average (in 2020).

Mailing list / data sign ups / subscribers increased significantly across all channels.

World wide interaction with our pre-match studio and integrated commentary. 


Fun, educational and live! Our double award winning live adventure was exactly that – quite an adventure!

One of the most popular events at White Post Farm is lambing season but with fans of the farm spread far and wide not everyone gets to enjoy it first hand, so what better way to make use of streaming technology than to go live for a whole 24hr period.

Our small team of 7 (SHM & WPF staff) both manned and presented the whole experience, bringing viewers 6 live births, educational VT pieces such as ‘How Farmers help ewes lamb’, and taking everyone behind the closed doors of the farm at night. 

The team used a 4 camera set up with 3 of those cameras fully roaming the Silver barn and other areas of the farm. Streaming was broken  into 4 segments on demand segments across the period for viewers who weren’t able to tune in live (including schools and other education settings) were able to go back and watch at their leisure. 

Double NFAN Winners

Best digital presence

Innovation award

Worldwide engagement

Thomas Holdcroft
Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club
Head of Marketing and Communications
Put simply, Trent Bridge Live in 2020 ranks as one of the finest pieces of corporate communications I have been involved with in my career.
The brief: to build, from scratch, a multi-camera live streaming broadcast product for cricket at Trent Bridge. By the way, it must be industry leading, COVID-19 protocols are going to hamper the way you work and you’ve got three weeks.
That StoneHeart Media mustered the project plan is a feat in itself. That they did so whilst constantly striving for innovation and jealously protecting the reputation of our club for content quality tells any prospective client all they need to know. The remarkable numbers put on the board were a by-product of their excellence.
My heartfelt thanks to the team for the graft, force of personality and no little skill they brought to this project. It’s been an incredibly tough 2020 season and we couldn’t have got through it without them.
Ant Moore
White Post Farm
Marketing Manager
We’ve worked with teamSHM since 2017 and loved dreaming up new and fun approaches to marketing and PR, live streaming has become an integral part of that.

From our 24 hours live for ‘live lambing’ through to marking the changes in seasons with special live events, it’s great to work with a team who allow us the flexibility of using simple sets ups through to more grand studio based, multi camera situations, depending on what we need at the time.

We have a lot of fans across the world who engage with our content and being able to have realtime conversations with them during our live events, really compliments the other kinds of marketing and comms we do!
Carly Wright
Customer Engagement Manager
teamSHM were recommended to us by another supplier 1 week before our international conference. Our backs were to the wall with some of our key speakers hindered by travel restrictions.
The team were able to instantly alleviate our fears and show how we could hook up several locations across the world and bring them together in a virtual conference environment.
Not only do they strive to ensure everything is as technically sound and tested as possible but their energy for making our brand come to life, coupled with their positive attitude made them a fantastic team to work with and they’ve made us consider delivery of all our conferences this way.
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